Critique #2 (2010)

Cover: James Disney "The Lamb"
Note From The Editor
Darkened Room: Review of the Film Youth In Revolt
Reading The Word: None Other Lamb, None Other Name
Resources: The Radical Disciple (John Stott); Learning Evangelism From Jesus (Jerram Barrs); Souls In Transition (Christian Smith)
Back Page: A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel (Tom Phillips)

CRITIQUE #1 (2010)

Publication Date: March 23, 2009

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Glimmer of Light (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Laughing With The Devil--A Review of the Coen Brothers' Serious Man R. Greg Grooms
READING THE WORLD: I SEE YOU--Reflections on Avatar (Steven Garber)
READING THE WORD: Questions for Lost People (Denis Haack)
BACK PAGE: Viola, Coppola, Kindt (Matthew Hundley)

CRITIQUE #5 (2009)

Critique 05 2009

Publication Date: December 20, 2009

ED NOTE: Everything is Broken (Denis Haack)
RESOURCE: Some Lies That Seduce (Denis Haack)
TUNED IN: Bob Dylan In Holiday Spirit (Denis Haack)
PAPER & CANVAS: Hope In The Ashes (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Crushed By Unspeakable Loss (Denis Haack)
RESOURCE: When God Seems Far Away (Denis Haack)
TUNED IN: Joyeux Noel (Jeffrey Heyl)
BACK COVER: Baghdad & The Bandit (Matthew Hundley)

CRITIQUE #4 (2009)

Publication Date: October 1, 2009

ED NOTE: What Do You Fear? (Denis Haack)
POETRY: Three Poems (Erin Magee, Derek Melleby)
PAPER & CANVAS: A Review of the Novel Home (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: A Review of the Film Funny People (Wes Hill)
REFLECTIONS: Wedding Homily (Steve Garber)
TUNED IN: When Musicians Raise Questions About Faith (Denis Haack)
DISCERNING LIFE: One Way Trip To Space (Denis Haack)
BACK COVER: Not Your Average Comic Books (Matthew Hundley)

CRITIQUE #3 (2009)

Critique 3 2009

Publication Date: August 1, 2009

ED NOTE: The Wonderful Freedom To Fail (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Review Of Away We Go (Wes Hill)
DISCERNING LIFE: What Would JesusValue? (Denis Haack)
RESOURCES: Out Of Dark Africa, Light (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Visitor, Slumdog, Barcelona (Denis Haack)
BACK PAGE: Rock Docs (Matthew Hundley)

CRITIQUE #2 (2009)

Critique 2 2009

Publication Date: May 1, 2009

COVER: What I Want To Do v. What I Should Do
EDITORS NOTE: Moments of Perfection...Almost (Denis Haack)
DIALOGUE (Denis Haack)
DISCERNING LIFE: Shoulds, Wants & Faithfulness (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Suspecting Certainty: A Review of Doubt (R. Greg Grooms)
TABLE GRACE: Fullness, Spirituality and Food (Karen Baldwin, Kelsey Reed)
READING THE WORD: Understanding Scripture Correctly, Part II (Denis Haack)
RESOURCE: Cash, Contradiction and the Writing of Rodney Clapp (Wesley Hill)
BACK PAGE: Melies v. Lumiere: Cinematic Dichotomy (Matthew Hundley)

CRITIQUE #1 (2009)

Publication Date: March 1, 2009

COVER: Art&Faith
EDITORS NOTE: Trust in a Financial Crisis (Denis Haack)
DIALOGUE (Denis Haack)
DARKENED ROOM: Where Have All The Heroes Gone?: A Review of Valkyrie (R. Greg Grooms)
DARKENED ROOM: Sinful Behavior, A Hunger for Grace: A Review of Milk (Wesley Hill)
DISCERNING LIFE: On Being a Patron of the Arts (Denis Haack)
READING THE WORD: Understanding Scripture Correctly, Part I (Denis Haack)
BACKPAGE: Engaging the New Atheists Some Resources (Denis Haack)
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